Let’s face it, tanned skin is always in. With modern advances in technology, beauty, wellness, etc., there are several ways you can achieve the golden glow you’re hoping for. At Natura we offer Airbrush Tanning, or also called Spray Tanning.

Spray tanning is a method that can be more beneficial. Some of our customers prefers it because it takes less time than a traditional tanning bed. Some like being able to choose a formula that best compliments their skin’s undertone, or gives them the undertone they wish they had.

Ideal for fair skin. Every customer’s skin type should be evaluated during their first visit. People with skin type 1 (very fair) are not recommended to have long exposure to UV rays in any capacity, which makes spray tan the smartest way to achieve the natural golden look they desire.

Immediate results. Customers only need one spray tanning session to instantly create the deep dark tan they want without having to build it up, like they would in a UV tanning bed. If a customer has an event or trip coming up with little prep time, spray tanning is the most efficient way to get them the radiant look they need before jetting off.

Okay for teens. In some states, customers under the age of 18 are not permitted to tan in a UV tanning bed. Spray booths give salons the opportunity to cater to those teens, especially during busy times like homecoming and prom.

No harmful reaction to medication.  It’s likely that we have all at some point taken medication from a bottle that advises us to stay out of sunlight due to a potential reaction UV exposure can bring on. That doesn’t mean we have to walk around with pale skin! Whether it’s a temporary prescription or long-term, spray tanning helps delivers customers with the bronzed skin they desire.

Read some more about how o prepare for your Spray Tanning Service.

If you haven’t done the spray tanning before, come to Natura Spa and get kissed by the sun in 15 minutes. For more information check our FAQ’s: https://naturawaxspa.com/faqs/ or call one of our locations.

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