Did you know that Pumpkin is one of nature’s secrets for healthy skin?!

Pumpkin contains enzymes and has Vitamin A which is an active antioxidant that boosts all the layers of the skin making way for the newer rotation of skin cells to emerge.

Our European Facial & Pumpkin Peel is our best seller. All clients became addicted.  Here are some benefits of the Pumpkin Peel.

1) Protects against UV rays & free radicals- antioxidant carotenoids help to defend your skin cells against oxidative damage and also help to protect cells from free radical damage. Oxidative stress is a leading cause of aging.

2) Provides a deep Cleanse & Correction- Zinc found in pumpkin can help regulate excessive sebum & oil production which helps to reduce acne. Copper found in pumpkin has been found to help with people pigmentation problems in the skin.

3) Firms the Skin- Pumpkin is loaded with Vitamin C which also helps the skin to produce collagen & elastin. These help maintain the skin’s firmness.

4) Increases Circulation- The folate in pumpkin helps give your body what it needs to provide red cell development.

5) Brightens the Skin- The enzymes in pumpkin help not only to cleanse the skin but also to bring out its natural glow.

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