Tips for your waxing be less painful!!

Our clients are always concerned about how painful is the waxing process.  Yes, removal the hair is naturally painful but our Estheticians will help you to pass through it easily.

Waxing is a removal hair technique which takes out your hair from the roots. Also, your single hair is not single, in the same pore you can find 3 of them. There are 3 hair stages, the hair that you can see is the first one, and there are 2 little ones waiting for their time to come up after 2 weeks. Due it, is very important to wax every 4 weeks and eliminate all hair stages.

Tip 1 – Exfoliate the area before the waxing service and 2 days after it -every other day – Scrub the area helps with the painful experience and keeps your skin smooth avoiding ingrown hairs.

Tip 2 – Be consistent – your waxing should be done every 4 weeks, and more times you do, less painful is.

Tip 3 – Period time – make your appointment after or before your Period.  Usually, the circulation is more intense on those days and your skin is more sensitive, so the waxing will be more painful.

Tip 4 – Breathe – don’t forget to breathe and relax during the waxing process. Try to not concentrate on the pain, beginning a relaxed conversation with your Esthetician is a good way to don’t be tense.

Tip 5 – Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol beverages before your waxing appointment. It active your circulation and  give you anxiety.

For more tips, ask our Estheticians, also you can have more advice from Women’s Health Magazine –