How to prevent ingrown hair after waxing.

Have you noticed little red bumps on your skin few days after your waxing? Ingrown hairs are a common complaint after waxing.

Ingrown hairs are a common complaint after waxing. Ingrown hairs are typically the result of hair that grows improperly when forced back into the skin, resulting in a painful red bump that can become infected.

Here some advice that can help you to prevent ingrown:

√ Exfoliate your skin before your wax to get rid of dead skin.

√ Just lather up with a loofah in the shower, or you can use a body scrub.

√ Wear loose-fitting clothing after you wax. Tight, synthetic clothing can chafe the skin and exacerbate ingrown hairs. Opt for breathable, natural fabrics like loose cotton or linen for at least a day after your wax.

√ After your wax, moisturizer.

√ Calm redness and inflammation, using lotion or oil that has aloe in it to soothe and moisturize the bumps.

√ Wax regularly every 4 weeks. Make sure that your hair is at least a quarter if an inch.

√ Use PFB every other day after the shower with your skin clean and let it dry.

√ Call Natura Waxing Lounge & Spa if you have any question. All our Estheticians are well trained and can help you to understand the hair tricks.  🙂