What Makes Natura Unique?


Voted San Diego’s Best Waxing, Natura Waxing Lounge & Spa is the only Spa in San Diego to offer the Authentic Brazilian Wax!! Pioneers in the art of Sugaring, our 100% Natural Homemade Sugaring Paste, (a unique Brazilian Recipe), combined with our other two types of waxes: Soft and Hard Wax (imported from Brazil and made of 100% Natural ingredients), make the Brazilian wax here the real deal! Brazilian Waxes are done at Natura using the Real Brazilian Technique, with the real Brazilian recipe! Our waxes & “Sugaring Paste” are ideal for Sensitive Skin & proven to reduce hair growth with continuous use.
It is our EXCLUSIVE & UNIQUE method that makes us stand out from the others!

Our exclusive Natural Sugar Paste and our unique method of doing Brazilian Waxes is what differentiates us from regular waxing or Sugaring Salons. Our Sugar Paste is homemade, completely natural and non-allergenic – made solely from pure sugar cane, vinegar (not lemon), and water.

Differences between regular “Sugaring” and Natura’s Sugar Paste are:

1) Our method is faster and more accurate
We apply our Sugar Paste to the skin with a wooden stick instead of spr

eading with the fingers. With faster application and removal of the paste using cotton strips, in a combination with our 2 other natural waxes, an experienced Esthetician can do Brazilians in a very short period of time.
2) Natura’s Sugar Paste is less painful than regular sugaring.
Our method of using a warm sugar paste hurts less because the heat helps opening up and softening the pores before the hair is pulled out. Roots pass through follicles easily when they are softened by the heat. Regular sugaring is not warm enough, so it does not open up pores, and just by spreading it can be painful sometimes since it pulls out hair.
3) We use Vinegar instead of lemon juice in our recipe.
The vinegar has lightening, antibacterial, healing and anti-aging purposes. On the contrary, the lemon juice used on conventional sugaring recipes may hyper pigment or stain people’s skin if exposed to the sun, especially on areas like bikini an upper lip.
4) Our method is more sanitary.
Because at Natura we don’t double dip sticks, our Sugar Paste is applied to the skin and thrown out, then, a new stick will grab a new portion from the pot and so on. With regular Sugaring, the paste is grabbed only once. Yes, its is much more economic, however, its used throughout the entire process. Sometimes, if client has any skin disease that she is unaware of, by using over and over again the same “ball” of sugar, per-say, it can be spread. That same “ball” used to remove hair from that area, not only retains all the hair, but the dead skin that is being removed all the way through until the end, and it becomes dark and unhygienic.

Sugar paste is applied on the direction of the hair growth and removed on the opposite direction. Sugar will not stick to the skin. It does not stick to moisture, therefore, won’t stick to live skin cells. It will only gently exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving the skin a lot less red and irritated, and it is water soluble.