Commit to Waxing Year Round!

Waxing on a Regular Basis is Necessary

The benefits of waxing on a consistent basis throughout the year far outweigh the summer-time-only approach.

Need we say, “toss the

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Brazilian Day San Diego 2015

Brazilian Day will once again bring the spirit of Brazil to the heart of San Diego’s iconic beach town, Pacific Beach.

Come Join Natura Waxing Lounge & Spa at the annual

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Maintaining Your Waxing Service!

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Decollete, & Why We Encourage It In Our Facials

We’d like to shed a little light on the decolette, and tell you why we encourage you to make it part of your regular facials. Unfortunately, many of our clients are not sure what decollete means!


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Facials Using 100% Natural Ingredients

Most people don’t understand the benefits of a professional facial. At Natura Spa we only offer 100% Natural ingredients for each

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Sugaring Specialist

At Natura we believe in organic and natural. For that reason we prepare our very own sugar wax from high quality ingredients we closely control. We make our sugaring

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Best Sugar Waxing Solana Beach!

Best Sugar Waxing Solana Beach! Our location in Solana Beach is now open for business! Feel free to visit our website for online booking or you can call our

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