SUGARING MELT® is a Brazilian method of Sugaring for hair removal. It is 100% natural and it is made of a combination of sugar, water and lemon juice. It is used to extract hair from the hair follicle without damaging clients skin. SUGARING MELT® is applied warm to the skin which allows for the pores to open up and the hair to be removed in the least painful way possible. Its also more sanitary
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Let’s face it, tanned skin is always in. With modern advances in technology, beauty, wellness, etc., there are several ways you can achieve the golden glow you’re hoping for. At Natura we offer Airbrush Tanning, or also called Spray Tanning. Spray tanning is a method that can be more beneficial. Some of our customers prefers it because it takes less time than a traditional tanning bed. Some like being able to choose a formula that
Spray Tanning
    Are you ready for your first-time face waxing? Take a look at some pros and tips about the face waxing. – Pros and tips for Waxing Facial Hair: Perfect for women who suffer from a lot of facial hair. While shaving facial hair makes the hair that grows back hard, waxing uproots the shaft of the hair. So, the hair that grows back is smooth. And smooth is sexy. The effects of waxing
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  Why fall season is good for doing Chemical Peels! Well, summer time is gone and we had enjoyed a lot the sunny days, right? So, how is your skin now? Dry, heavy and with small spots caused by sun exposure? Natura Spa understands your needs and provides the best treatments for any kind of skin. Besides that, Fall is the best season for Chemical Peels for cleaning your skin and preparing it for the
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    Be ready for your Spray Tan!! Be ready for your Spray Tan!! Come to Natura Waxing Lounge & Spa and experience a “Just off the Brazilian Beach” glow. Find a Natura near You. Spray Tan Prep: Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Think clean, dry body. Exfoliate 24 hours prior to tan with an exfoliating mit, or salt/sugar scrub. For the day of your appointment, exfoliate your skin with just a washcloth or loofah. Do not use
Spray Tanning
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