January 13, 2019

7 Tips To Stay Acne Free After a Wax

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  FOLLOW THESE 7 SIMPLE STEPS & KEEP YOUR SKIN SMOOTH! 1. CLEAN BEFORE WAXING Your first order of business should be to exfoliate a couple of days before you wax. Doing so will help you remove any bacteria and dirt from the area. If left alone, that bacteria could cause an infection after your waxing session. 2. AVOID OILS Avoid oils on acne-prone areas for a while after you wax. Though oils can have
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    No matter where you’re getting waxed, follow these simple tips to achieve the best results. 1. GROW IT OUT.. BUT NOT TOO MUCH Keep hair long enough for the wax to grip it. Too short & the wax can’t pick it up well enough to remove it; too long & it prevents the wax from adhering. Two to three weeks of growth (about an 1/8 to a 1/4 of an inch hair length)
    Did you know that Pumpkin is one of nature’s secrets for healthy skin?! Pumpkin contains enzymes and has Vitamin A which is an active antioxidant that boosts all the layers of the skin making way for the newer rotation of skin cells to emerge. Our European Facial & Pumpkin Peel is our best seller. All clients became addicted.  Here are some benefits of the Pumpkin Peel. 1) Protects against UV rays & free
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  SUGARING MELT® is a Brazilian method of Sugaring for hair removal. It is 100% natural and it is made of a combination of sugar, water and lemon juice. It is used to extract hair from the hair follicle without damaging clients skin. SUGARING MELT® is applied warm to the skin which allows for the pores to open up and the hair to be removed in the least painful way possible. Its also more sanitary
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Let’s face it, tanned skin is always in. With modern advances in technology, beauty, wellness, etc., there are several ways you can achieve the golden glow you’re hoping for. At Natura we offer Airbrush Tanning, or also called Spray Tanning. Spray tanning is a method that can be more beneficial. Some of our customers prefers it because it takes less time than a traditional tanning bed. Some like being able to choose a formula that
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