Some people have probably been shaving since before they had a reason to. Shaving unwanted hair can give you an instant result, but only for a few hours. The hair roots remain under the skin and in a day, or in some cases hours, the hair begins to come out again. When you wax or sugar a particular region repeatedly, over time the hair growth reduces. This is because the hair follicles in the area gets damaged, so the hair that comes out is less healthy and comparatively thinner because it’s roots are weakened. Staying consistent with your waxing (& no shaving in between) will help you achieve the best results.

Waxing & Our Unique Method

Natura Waxing Lounge & Spa’s  passion revolves around the Brazilian Wax. The heart of this service is our exclusive Sugar Melt, a proprietary recipe straight from the beaches of Brazil. When we pair the Sugar Melt with our exclusive natural Soft and Hard Wax, we are able to combine the different benefits of each wax and Sugar.  This 3 step method has proven time after time to give amazingly smooth results while keeping your comfort in mind. Experience why Brazilians are done better the Brazilian way!

We Take Pride In Our Work

EVERY Esthetician at Natura goes through an intensive training to learn the authentic Brazilian wax technique and ultimately become Natura’s certified.

Our wax rooms are warm, cozy and very clean. We pride ourselves in maintaining a comfortable and sterile environment. Our Estheticians always wear gloves and there is no double dipping!


Our exclusive creamy Soft Wax is made of natural ingredients and is imported from Brazil to Natura Spa! Our Soft wax is very gentle and it is generally used on the bigger areas of the body like legs, back and stomach. It is also used on the flat top area for the bikini/brazilian service where uneven and stubborn hairs usually are. This type of wax requires a strip to remove the wax.


Strip-less, or “hard wax” is a type of wax that, when applied, hardens on its own. The wax becomes the strip itself and a cotton strip is not necessary. Its a 100% Natural Paraffin-Free wax and also imported from Brazil exclusively to Natura. Mostly used on sensitive areas and specially for touch ups after the brazilian is done with our Sugaring Melt™.

Price list

    • Brazilian Wax $55
    • Brazilian Wax (Member)$43
    • Brazilian Wax (Series of 3) $147
    • Bikini Wax Basic$38
    • Bikini Basic (Member)$33
    • Bikini Wax Full$45
    • Bikini Wax Full (Member)$38
    • Between Upper leg$15
    • Back of Upper leg$15
    • Brow Design$22
    • Buttocks$25
    • Buttocks (inside only)$15
    • Chin$15
    • Ears$12
    • Face sides only$18
    • Full Face (except brow)$29
    • Full Leg (both)$60
    • Full Arm$35
    • Half Arm$25
    • Happy Trail$10
    • Lip$12
    • Lower Legs$35
    • Nose$12
    • Nipples$7
    • Upper Legs$40
    • Under Arm$18
    • Male Brazilian$69
    • Mens’Back$59
    • Men’s Back & Shoulders$65
    • Men’s Back & Shoulders (Member)$50
    • Men’s Chest$38
    • Men’s Chest & Stomach$59
    • Men’s full leg$69
    • Women Lower Back$25
    • Women Full Back$30
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“This is the best place I've even been they are soo good at the Brazilian and any other waxing.”


"Natura has been rated "Best Waxing in San Diego" for a reason, that reason being it is unparalleled in professionalism and service."


"Great and clean place to get your Brazilian wax in perfection! Get it done quickly and efficiently."


"Excellent 5 star service always! I've been a client for over 8 years and I would recommend this place to my family and friends. Everyone there is always so friendly and helpful."