Best sugaring hair removal san diego


Sugar wax is warm and doesn't pull the hair as you apply it to the skin.

Estheticians need to use a wooden stick to apply wax and a strip to remove it. The Natural Sugar wax is applied on the direction of the hair growth and removed on the opposite direction.

Sugar Wax is a faster method of hair removal than Sugaring due to a much easier and faster application, and may seem to hurt less due to the fact that the warm wax opens up and soften the pores before strip is pulled.

More About Sugar Wax

BOTH, our Sugar Wax and Sugar Paste are made of the exact same NATURAL ingredients (sugar, vinegar, water and honey). The only difference is the method of application on the skin and the fact that sugar wax is done faster than sugaring .


Soft Wax is the most accurate type of hair removal, however it can not be used on every skin because its a little stickier than the others, which means that it adheres more to the skin, but at the same time, It removes the thin and baby hair really well,


Hard Wax doesn't require strips. Wax should be warm in order to apply and It needs to harden fully before being removed. OUR Aloe vera Hard wax is extremely gentle! You can go over the skin as many time as needed. Works very good when trying to remove the shortest hair.

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