We firmly believe in the healing power of mother nature, and when you opt for products that are made with real ingredients, those vitamins, nutrients, and botanical compounds will not only benefit your external layer, but will also get delivered internally to the rest of your body. We are and have always been passionately committed to using environmentally responsible natural products that also support nature’s well-being.

Dedicated Services

Our estheticians keep up to date on the latest practices, assuring that clients will always recieve the best skincare. From Facials to peels, customized to meet your skins needs. We work with a variety line of natural skin care products, never tested on animals.

Natural Products

Our products use the latest in micro-emulsion technology, combined with ancient herbal traditions and knowledge of the healing power of plants and sea extracts, to create the most effective products for today’s demanding worldwide market.


Classic European Facial – $95

Our classic European Facial begins with a deep cleansing of your face and decollete, including a gentle exfoliation with natural bamboo, jojoba beads, and crushed almonds Includes skin analysis, steam therapy, pore purification, aromatic face, neck, and shoulder massage followed by a nourishing mask to suit you specific skin type and finally a hydrating and protective balm moisturizing with SPF 30. (60min)

Ultra Collagen Facial – $125

Ultra Collagen is a 100% ultra-fine marine collagen powder, free of unwanted chemicals and preservatives.Naturally extracted at an extremely low molecular weight for greater absorption, giving your skin the full benefits of collagen.
Applied with our Vital Hydration – a beneficial blend of essential vitamins and antioxidants with soothing and healing properties.(60min)

Deluxe Vitamin C Treatment– $125

Targeted for skin with hyper pigmentation and acne scarring, this facial contains : highly concentrated vitamins and fruit-driven anti-oxidants, skin balancing nutrients and replaces traditional enzyme scrubs. Uses highly concentrated distilled extracts and anti-inflammatory ingredients for minimal irritation (60min)

Couperose and Rosacea Treatment – $95

Designed to diminish skin irritability, this treatment reduces redness, decongests, soothes and cools the skin by stimulating vasoconstriction and circulation. Skin is gently cleansed. A combination of specialized rosacea serum, sea extracts, and a soy-apple mask are then applied. The skin is left soothed and calmed. In addition to those with Couperose, this treatment is great for after sun, Rosacea, and after any extensive exfoliating treatment.(60min)

Deep Pore Cleansing for Acne Skin – $105

The ultimate treatment for purifying oily, acne-prone skin. A deep cleansing of your face, thorough exfoliation and gentle extraction to alleviate blocked pores. A soft foam cleanser is applied to deeply penetrate and cleanse pores. Papaya enzyme further clarifies your skin and a high-frequency electrode is used to provide antibacterial and healing actions. Finally, a soothing, herbal masque is applied to leave your skin clean and your mind in perfect balance. (60min)

Natura Anti-aging Lifting Facial – $105

An excellent anti-aging facial that utilizes the potent effect of AHA to lift the dull surface of your skin. It lessens fine lines, wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation (age, sun and pregnancy spots) and oily, acne-prone skin leaving your face visibly smoother. This luxurious, results-oriented facial produces a fundamental improvement in the health of your skin. You will see an immediate benefit in skin’s texture, clarity, and suppleness which will be continually enhanced with each consecutive treatment. (60min)

Just for him Signature Facial – $95

Specially designed for men’s skin. This unique aromatic experience restores and rebalances skin irritated from shaving, pollution, and environmental aggressions. A deeply relaxing facial minimizes ingrown and leaves your skin healthy, hydrated and energized leaves the skin feeling fresh, soft and smooth. (60min).

After Sun Restorative Facial – $69

To calm, restore and hydrate your skin after sun exposure. Silk Proteins combined with Collagen will cool down your skin and help to prevent the side effects of sunburn, while a gentle massage application will help you to relax. (30min)

Mini Facial – $65

Reward yourself on a busy day. This is an excellent treatment that will revive and nourish your skin in-between regular facials. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, mini massage and mask. (30min)

** Add-ons $15 **

Back Facial – $115

A wonderfully thorough cleansing and exfoliating process. Alpha Hydroxy Acid helps eliminate acne and blackheads, minimizes pores and leaves you with a softer, smoother, more beautiful back.

** Pumpkin Peel Add-on $30 **

Microdermabrasion $89

This extraordinary technique can minimize or eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun damage, scars, stretch marks, unwanted pigmentation, and Acne.Even after the first treatment, you will have a clearer complexion with: Immediate results, no pain, no down time, no peeling.


Pumpkin Peel – $125

This treatment is composed of our classic European facial combined with a Pumpkin/multi-fruit complex peel which is used to exfoliate your skin and increase cell turnover. Great for hyper pigmentation and fine lines.

Esthetic Strength PCA Peels – $105

Sensi Peel – A gentle solution formulated for ethnic skin and other extremely sensitive skin types.



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