Our Sugaring Melt® is an exclusive Brazilian technique for hair removal and its the most natural and safe way to remove unwanted body hair. At Natura Waxing Lounge & Spa, our guests will find out how waxing and Sugaring Melt® are done THE REAL BRAZILIAN way. A few decades ago, long before Sugaring became so popular in the United States; this ancient technique has undergone a very smart upgrade in Brazil. Instead of using a room temperature paste in form of a glob, the most recognized Brazilian waxing salons began to produce their own natural Sugaring recipe and found out that keeping the sugaring paste warm (Sugaring Melt®), would benefit their clients a big deal!

Sugaring Melt®

Sugaring Melt® is performed with an all NATURAL warm sugar paste made of 100% natural ingredients (sugar, lemon juice, and water). The only differences between the regular sugaring (ball) and our very own Sugaring Melt® are: the method of application on the skin and the fact that Sugaring Melt® is a faster process than regular sugaring, so it hurts less due to the fact that the warm sugar paste opens up and soften the pores before the strip is pulled. Sugaring Melt® is applied warm to the skin so it doesn’t pull the hair when they are a bit longer than they should.

With Ancient Sugaring technique, each client is sugared with the same “sugar ball” which is used over and over again throughout an entire Brazilian until it becomes “dark gray”color derived from hair and dead skin; and in some cases, it may become a problem if a client presents any venereal diseases, like herpes, for example. On the contrary, with the Brazilian Sugaring Melt® Technique our esthetician will apply onto your skin, a good amount of our  warm “straight from the pot” sugar melt, using a new wooden stick (no double-dipping), and a strip will be used to remove it each time. Sugaring Melt® is applied on the direction of the hair growth and removed on the opposite direction.   It is environmentally safe and is the purest and most natural way to remove unwanted hair for today’s women and men. There is no chemicals, fragrance, or coloring added. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it a viable option for ultra-sensitive skin and excellent for eczema and psoriasis!

Sugar will not stick to the skin. It does not stick to moisture, therefore, won’t stick to live skin cells. It will only gently exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving the skin a lot less red and irritated than with waxing. Sugar is water soluble. So, you can leave clean and not worried about any residue left on the skin.

The Benefits of the Brazilian Sugaring Melt® technique

  • 100% sanitary
  • Its a natural exfoliant
  • Sugar won’t stick to live cells
  • 100% organic, safe and effective
  • Warm paste also helps numb the skin
  • Warm paste doesn’t pull out the hair when applied to longer hair
  • Warm paste opens up the pores, so roots pass through easily causing less pain
  • Significant hair reduction over time
  • Hypoallergenic and excellent for eczema and psoriasis



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